CAMO Event Round Up for 4.2 to 4.4

Conquest in the Cage VII / Civic Disobedience 2 Event Results

All-Star Promotions / Ka-Boom Productions held the seventh installment of their “Conquest in the Cage” pro-am MMA series at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The event, entitled “Civic Disobedience 2,” featured three highly-competitive amateur matches, and another six pro bouts.

Chris Golz faced his highest-profile match to date, against Andre “Priest” Holmes, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes. Golz, an undefeated fan favorite out of Gauntlet Jiu-Jitsu, traded heavy shots and several big takedowns with the younger Holmes, but in the end, walked away with the unanimous decision.

“To me, that was all about just cardio. Who has the best cardio? And I think Chris was in better shape,” said promoter Ed Holmes (no relation).

Opening the show, Ryan Barela and Chris Westrop locked horns standing and on the ground, with plenty of transitions, for a compelling and razor-thin split decision.  Westrop’s Black Mat MMA teammate, Brandon Wilson, making his CAMO debut, made a fierce impression with fighters and fans alike, winning in bulldozer-like fashion via first round TKO.

Match results for the amateur portion of Civic Disobedience 2 on 4/3/10 are as follows:

1XX lbs – Ryan Barela def. Chris Westrup by split decision.

190 lbs. – Chris Golz def. Andre Holmes via unanimous decision.

140 lbs. – Brandon Wilson def. Brandon Weil via TKO, R1, 0:42.

Having run shows on a regular schedule since late last year in two different locations, All-Star / Ka-Boom have created a solid reputation for establishing an exciting setting for amateur fighters to compete, and for their fans to cheer. With that kind of atmosphere, it would be easy for fighters to get caught up and presume themselves ready for the “Big Time.”

However, Holmes is quick to note the importance of allowing fighters time to establish themselves with more than just a few matches, and not to assume that one or two rising stars indicate that everybody is on the fast track to pro status: “There’s guys that, man, I think they could be a pro already, but there’s guys there that that’s exactly where they belong: with the amateurs. And that’s what we’re trying to do, is make that good. Not put these guys in over their head, because it doesn’t make good for anybody. It should be a fair fight.”

Amateurs bring the noise and rock the boat at Rebel Fighter in Placerville

Farther north that same day, Enrique Perez’ Rebel Fighter promotion held their first-ever pro-am event, drawing a packed crowd to the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville.

For Perez, adding amateurs to the card was a test he doesn’t regret taking: “This was our 10th event so far. We had always done pros, and I decided to experiment with some amateurs.  I’m really glad I did, because the amateur commission was great to work with. . . I believe one of the amateur fights was Fight of the Night.”

Match results for the amateur portion of Rebel Fighter on 4/3/10 are as follows:

155 lbs. – Eddie Mccleary def. Jacob Preston via TKO (referee stoppage), R1, 1:31.

160 lbs. (catchweight) – Brandon Smith def. Michael Lowder via split decision.

170 lbs. – Jose Quinonez def. Jesse Roberts via unanimous decision.

170 lbs. – Alex Ivanov def. Dave Odlin via submission, R1, 1:14.

According to Perez, Quinonez vs. Roberts was the show-stealer, as the two ground specialists duked it out for three rounds, thrilling the crowd with heavy trades of leather.

“It really surprised me, because Jose Quinones, he’s an awesome jiu Jitsu fighter. Jesse Roberts, he took fourth in state in wrestling.  Both have really good ground credentials, but they decided to stand up and bang it out. . . It was toe-to-toe through the whole fight. There was not a dull moment through the whole deal,” he said.

Perez was impressed not only with the level of competition and skill among the amateurs, but also their fan followings, noting “I think that probably 40-50% of the crowd were there to see the amateurs. They brought their grandmothers, sisters, brothers, whole family and friends.  The loudest [applause], and the most noise that they made were for the amateurs.”

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