CAMO Event Round Up for 3.11 to 3.13

Young Guns throw down in Coaching Kids Pankration Event

Coaching Kids MMA started their 2010 schedule with a pair of charity Pankration / MMA events in late-February and mid-March at the Sacramento Radisson Hotel. The two events complemented each other in format, as the February 26th show consisted of seven Pankration bouts and a single MMA fight, while the following show, two weeks later, featured six MMA matches and one Pankration match on the bill.

“Everything went good, other than that we probably threw the shows too close together. We need to space them out, because there’s a lot of amateur shows. . . I’d like to sit down and throw seven to eight shows per year,” said promoter / Coaching Kids head Allen Garcia.

The second event, which took place on March 12th, also included the induction of California veteran fighter Jaime “El Cucui” Jara to the MMA-KO Hall of Fame. As Garcia explained, Jara’s volunteer connection to Coaching Kids dates back several years, when Garcia ran an amateur boxing youth program.

“I ran around with Jaime for about two years, and after he got off on his feet, throwing and everything, I started this amateur program. . . Instead of a getting a part of their purse, for helping them, they give back to our program, helping young kids out,” said Garcia.

Match results from Coaching Kids MMA on 2/26/10 are as follows:

124 lbs. (catchweight)  – Joseph Morales def. Anul Pina via submission, R3, 1:41.

152 lbs. (catchweight) – Tyler Harris def. Chris Tabaldo via split decision.

158 lbs. (catchweight) – Sam Wooten def. Ian Freeman via unanimous decision.

174 lbs. (catchweight) – Matt Swanson def. Matt Davis via unanimous decision.

265 lbs. – Arturo Rodriguez def. Josh Peterson via submission, R3, 1:00.

186 lbs. (catchweight) – Charles Wilson def. Aaron Hamilton via unanimous decision.

127 lbs. (catchweight) – Brianna VanBuren def. Delecia Velasquez-Stump via unanimous decision.

159 lbs. (catchweight) – Emelio Gonzalez def. Jerry Ribeira via unanimous decision.

Match results from Coaching Kids MMA on 3/12/10 are as follows:

205 lbs. – Gary Luisi def. Angelo Henry via DQ, R1, 1:55.

185 lbs. – Aaron Hamilton def. Matt Grigorian via TAPOUT (SUBMISSON?!?), R1, 1:18. lbs.

155 lbs. – D’Alexander Davis def. Brandon Hafer via TKO, R2, 2:00.

170 lbs. (Pankration) – Allen Garcia III def. Sam Wooten via split decision.

265 lbs. – Antonio VanBuren def. Josh Peterson via TKO, R1.

145 lbs. – Jesse Henderson def. Faustino Quinones via TKO, R1, 1:05.

175 lbs. (catchweight) – Jose Quinonez def. Matt Swanson via TKO, R2, 2:14.

Despite the name on the marquee, Garcia says that his amateur promotion transcends age, noting that his program gets hopeful trainees of all ages, from 15 to 35.

“There’s all kinds of different people coming out of the woodwork. Not just kids. . . Grownups come with their kids, and they want to participate in the amateur program that we’ve got going on. I think it makes a difference because I go through probably, I would say, 400 kids in half a year, who want to try MMA. And they try fighting, they think they can fight. Once they get their feet wet, once they get in the cage, they change their mind. It kinda humbles them.”

Von Flue brings Future Valley stars to Fresno

That same weekend, a new promotion, Valley Future Cagefighting ran their inaugural event at The Big Fresno Fair.

“I’ve never been so stressed out in my life. I almost hyperventilated four or five times,” joked company frontman (and “Ultimate Fighter” / UFC alum) Jason Von Flue, adding “but on the other hand, what was cool was [CAMO] was really easy to work with, and the guys basically told me that the show would take a life of its own once it gets going. And they were right.”

VFCF’s first outing was also a mixed format event, with three MMA bouts to complement a three-man heavyweight round-robin Pankration tournament.  Von Flue originally wanted a four-man single-elimination tournament, but after one fighter dropped out and Von Flue couldn’t find a suitable replacement, VFCF and CAMO agreed to alter the format to accommodate the remaining three combatants.

“And with a lot of help from JT [Steele] and from this guy’s manager, we got it squared away. And again, even with the three-man round-robin tournament, no injuries. So very successful in that aspect,” commented Von Flue.

Jacob Hallmark came emerged as champion for the night, going 2-0 against Jerald Apps and Robert Pinon.

Match results from Future Valley Cagefighting on 3/13/10 are as follows:

265 lbs. – Jacob Hallmark def. Jerald Apps via unanimous decision.

170 lbs. – Matt Foster def. Dustin Mouser via DQ, R2, 0:15.

205 lbs. – Thomas Perkins def. Erik Betancourt via submission (triangle choke), R2, 1:28.

265 lbs. – Jerald Apps def. Robert Pinon via unanimous decision.

135 lbs. – David Catano Jr. def. Diamond Templeton via split decision.

170 lbs. – Trinidad Valdez def. Michael Rosati via TKO, R1, 0:51.

265 lbs. – Jacob Hallmark def. Robert Pinon via TKO, R2, 0:55.

145 lbs. – Angel Lopez def. Anthony Torres via unanimous decision.

155 lbs. – Kris Williams def. Andrew Von Flue via unanimous decision.

The main event was a family affair, as younger cousin Andrew Von Flue faced wrestler Kris Williams, battling back and forth for three rounds, with Williams getting the better of the scorecards.

“I thought it was just a great match. I thought the fans really enjoyed it too.  I was really proud of that match,” said Von Flue.

“Williams, for only doing any MMA for a short period of time, was actively trying to finish.  He was working ground-and-pound and trying to change positions, and actually got on Andrew’s back a few times. And tried for an RNC. Andrew, when he dropped him and went after him really hard, worked for a D’arce choke at the very end. . . I really felt that both guys were actively trying to finish, and the right guy won that night.”

Coaching Kids MMA anticipates announcing their next date for the Sacramento Radisson Hotel very soon.  Valley Future Cagefighting returns to The Big Fresno Fair in mid- to late-June.

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