CAMO Event Round Up for 3.4 to 3.6

Playboy’s Fight Night hits in Visalia

The action was in Central California this weekend, as Undisputed Promotions brought Playboy Fight Night to Visalia, with a pro-am MMA show that packed the convention center.  Five of the nine matches on the card were CAMO-regulated amateur bouts.

With a matchmaking resume that includes a pre-Zuffa WEC and the Palace Fighting Championships, Undisputed’s Christian Printup didn’t have to look any further than his already extensive network of fight camps to find an able pool of rookie talent.

“This was the first time we were going with the amateur fighters.  Everyone brought guys that were ready for this. They weren’t thrown in there to the wolves . . . and I was just extremely proud of everyone,” he noted.

Although Central California is not home to many of the bigger prize fights in MMA, according to Printup, the region’s contribution developing superstars of the sport is undeniable.

“There’s been so much talent that’s come out of the Central Valley.  Even people that moved to Vegas or San Diego, San Jose or whatever; their roots are here. . . You’ve got [the Fresno State wrestling] program. Also, the Western Yosemite league, from Clovis to Bakersfield to Lemoore. . . That and you’ve got a lot of great boxing clubs and boxing trainers out here.  So when you put all that stuff together – we’ve been blessed. And tonight, it’s nice to be able to feature some of the amateurs, to see that next wave.”

Match results from the amateur portion of Playboy’s Fight Night are as follows:

171 lbs. (catchweight) – Jesus Jesse Ramirez def. Shawn Goode via unanimous decision.

164 lbs. (catchweight) – Chris Bonilla def. Marqus Betancourt via submission, R2, 0:42.

171 lbs. (catchweight) – Geoffrey Quares def. Jake Arvance via TKO, R1, 1:12.

156 lbs. (catchweight)  – Rudy Sanchez def. Jaime Valdez via TKO, R1, 1:53.

265 lbs. – Jose Aispuro def. Cliff St. Martin via TKO, R1, 1:39.

“We will definitely continue pro-am shows and strictly amateur shows as well. We really want to make a strong commitment to the amateur program; part of the biggest reasons for the continued growth [of mixed martial arts] is going to be the development of the amateur program.  We’re excited to have this going on in California now,” commented Printup.

Undisputed Promotions next brings the Playboy brand to San Diego on April 7th for an all-amateur event, at the On Broadway Events Center.

For more info on upcoming amateur MMA action, visit

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